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Clorox is now using Facebook for marketing!

Last night, on December 11th, I saw Clorox post their Facebook page on their advertisement at around 10:45 pm on the TNT presentation of ConAir.

At that time they had 17,733 followers.

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South Piedmont Community College – December 9, 2009 Class directed by Huck Huckabee

The Social Media Revolution is here!

Are you ready?

Social Filtering – being able to align what publishers and advertisers want to show with what users want to see. Viral Marketing – using pre-existing social networks to achieve marketing objectives.

(viral – 1. a message intended to be spread     2. a virus) – three components – the message, the medium, the delivery.

1.The message – it must stick! 2.The medium – images, video, text 3.The delivery –email, instant message, telephone, etc.

Items we will discuss: Communication: Blogging -Posting on your blog site.

Micro-blogging – Twitter

Social Networking –

College students don’t email. They tweet about what they are doing and they send messages via Facebook

Facebook –

Greatest growth in the 35-49 age group. Over 200 million worldwide are logged in at this moment.

Facebook is an ideal medium for viral marketing.

Businesses are moving from a one sided “build it and hope they will come” model to a partnership with their target model.

LinkedIn –

a business-oriented social networking site. Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003

Other Social Media Collaboration

Wikis – Wikipedia

Social Bookmarking

Delicious Stumble Upon Google Reader



YouTube Use Windows Movie Maker to edit your videos

“Build it and they will come”

This doesn’t work in social media. Give them a reason to visit. Give them a reason to return.

Business learns what customers want

Yesterday – focus groups

Today – return communication from customers and potential customers

More accurate and less time to implement

My focus is currently on: 1.    My blogs 2.    Facebook 3.    Twitter 4.    YouTube