Tips On Twitter

Here is a great tutorial on using Twitter for your business. Even if you already use the service this is a great video that may show you how do use the service more efficiently.

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CEO’s Don’t Have Time For Social Media

Well, that’s what many of them think. But, that philosophy can be costly. This might light a fire underneath some of them. Search for the CEO’s of your competitors in the Social Media sites. Are they doing anything? If they are, then enough said. If not, the questions becomes “When will they start?” In that case you have the opportunity to be the leader in your market.

Manage Your Time

For the effective CEO time is money, BIG money. And, like anyone, the head honcho can get caught up in Facebook, Twitter and blog responses. But like everything else in management, the CEO’s job is to get other people to do the work! While the CEO needs to create the general content of the Social Media messages, the rest can be done by employees. Editing the content and posting the message can be done by qualified personnel.

Show Your Expertise

There are two key reasons the CEO needs to participate in Social Media. First, to show a level of knowledge and expertise in the industry. Second, to bring the corporate image to a human level.

To get to the top company position in the first place, odds are the CEO knows a good bit about the industry his, or her, company is in. Customers, stockholders, and the public in general are naturally interested in advice and viewpoints offered by the CEO. Posts can entail a wide range of topics. Topics such as market changes, new products, research projects, and personnel management can all show that expertise.

Bringing the corporate image to the human level is paramount in today’s market place. One of the most classic blunders in corporate marketing was pulled off by First Union Corporation under Ed Crutchfield in the 1990’s. Their marketing campaign placed the “Big Bank” above all others. The image put such distance between them and their customers that it damaged their reputation. So much so that they dropped the company name when they merged with Wachovia.

Today’s CEO needs to appear to interact with the company’s clientele. And what better way than Social Media? A simple question asking advice from customers can go a long way. And it may even lead to a new idea.

Respond To Responses

The key component of Social Media is it’s two way communication. That doesn’t mean the CEO needs to respond to every message back. But someone needs to monitor those messages and determine what requires response and where it should come from.

Now, go get your CEO and show them this post!

A Nice Problem To Have

Got this in an email on June 10th concerning the class I am teaching on June 12th:

Due to overwhelming response our Wed. June 12 Business & Social Media SBC Seminar has been relocated to a larger computer lab.

Please see the attached flier with room change notation.

The instructor (copied on this message) and all students are being contacted about the change. If you have an opportunity to make this change on Channel 21, I would certainly appreciate it.

Much thanks,


Kathy L. Almond, Director Small Business Center

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