About Huck Huckabee

Huck Huckabee Social Media ConsultantI grew up on the outskirts of a small town in rural North Carolina called Badin. I live there today. But I have been blessed with exposure to many parts of the world. My father, a southerner, was a West Pointer and my English mother was a professional ice skater so my values came from all sides. My two brothers and I grew up on a small farm, took trips to Europe with our parents and were exposed to the culture of big cities at home and abroad.

Business Exposure

I have also had wide exposure to the business world. I grew up in a building supply business that was in my family for four generations. My great-grandfather didn’t trust the company adding machine and totaled columns of figures by hand. My grandfather didn’t trust computers, but in the 1970’s my father invested in one of the first computers used in the building supply business: an IBM System 3. As a kid, I was fascinated with what it could do.

As an adult I have done everything from delivering building material to owning and managing my own Internet business.  My fascination with computers continued and in the mid 80’s I started using the Apple IIe, one of the first personal computers created.

Business Education Leads to Entrepreneurship

In 1992 I graduated from Wake Forest, in Winston-Salem, NC, with an MBA. In 1999, determined to make a career of my life long fascination with computers, I started my own business building websites for small companies. I learned how to get my websites well ranked in the search engines. Now, my customers call me their local search engine expert. Dealing with different businesses I get exposure to many different sections of the economy. And if I ever miss a new fad or foible in the computer world my 23-year-old daughter is quick to keep me updated. Our family has come a long way from distrust of adding machines.

Let Me Work For You!

I am available for hire. I will incorporate Website Management, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization into your business marketing plan.

Huck Huckabee
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Email: huck@businessandsocialmedia.com