So you’ve done everything “they” told you to do. You created a website and a blog site. You gather new information for your blog every week,  write it up and post it to keep the site fresh and interesting. But no one seems to know you’re there. You Google your site and scroll through 10 pages without finding even a mention. And then it dawns on you. The missing link is SEO: Search Engine Optimization. You’ve heard of it and all those fancy algorithms that make it up, but there’s no way you have time for any more of this stuff. We can hear you now. We’ve studied this “stuff” and can get you rankings that will generate traffic and get you customers that are looking for your goods and services. We’ll also write your blogs and link you to Facebook and Twitter. Give us a call. We’ll make sure everyone can hear you now.

If your business isn’t a Social (Media) Butterfly, flying from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to LinkedIn and so on, it’s time to get out of that chrysalis and test those wings.

Perhaps you’re still a little skeptical about the value of Social Media. Some people were skeptical about computers, a technology that is now considered the norm. Think about this: If you want to tell your customers about a new product, remember that one little tweet can reach thousands. Want customer feedback without all the rigmarole of a survey? Get a presence on Facebook and read all the comments. Want to retain customers? Respond to their tweets and posts. Want to show how great your product is? Post a video on YouTube. Want to recruit highly qualified employees? Create a LinkedIn account.

Let us help you become a Social (Media) Butterfly. We’ll set up your flight path and soon have you flying high above the competition.

You’re in business because you have to make a living. That’s what you do. Keeping up with it is a full time job. But you keep hearing about social media marketing, getting your business out there on the web, on a blog site, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it. You have the information that you want out there on the web, but it takes time to sit down and write a piece of copy, proof read it and post it on all those social media sites. And ‘they’ tell you to do this on a regular basis to keep your site fresh, dynamic, so folks will visit often, learn about what you do and buy into your service or product. But where are you supposed to find the time to do this? Well, your worries are over because that’s OUR business. We gather the information from you, write, edit, proofread and post it daily, weekly, monthly or however often you want it out there. Call us. We have time.

Tools! Tools! Tools!

There are more than 172 tools used by businesses to share, manage and evaluate social media. Don’t panic. You don’t have to learn to use 172 tools. You just need to get a handle on three to five tools to use for your core social media strategy.

The Tribal Drumbeat

It’s been said that social media today functions as the tribal drumbeat of our time. You want the drumbeat of your company information circulating freely across the social web so that it’s easily available to your customers everywhere. You don’t want it locked up in just one site.

It’s Called “Social” for a Reason

Social technologies are called “social” for a reason. They’re about connecting and conversing. The high incidence of referral traffic suggests that you want your customers to know about your goods and services from more than one source. And those sources need to be on the social media services that most people interact with daily. How your customers interact with the information you give them is a good reason for you to develop a strong grasp of social media. Being a better listener and information gatherer will help you be more responsive to your customers’ needs and create a wider customer base.

Help is Available

There are many sites with more information on those 172 tools than you’ll ever need. Check with us. We’ll bring it down to life size and help you and your business breeze through the most useful of these social media opportunities.


Coke saw a marketing opportunity and they seized it. Soon after that You Tube videos involving Diet Coke started to float on the Internet.

Two scientists, Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz, were experimenting with Diet Coke and Mentos chewable candy. They found that when you dropped 5 Mentos into a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke a dramatic chemical reaction occurs. Word got out about the experiment and You Tube videos started to surface with various people performing the “experiment”. The reaction caused spewing that could be interpreted a dangerous by You Tube viewers. And that presented a situation that Coke had to deal with.

Coke Hires Grobe and Voltz

Coke could have taken the legal trail or left the situation to brew on it’s own. But, they saw an opportunity and they seized it. They hired Grobe and Voltz as spokesmen. And they in turn created an elaborate video that has played over 10 million times on You Tube. The exposure has been incredible and the cost has been minimal.

You can view the video at

Grobe and Voltz Go Into Business

Go to You Tube and search “Diet Coke and Mentos” and you will come upon an incredible number of related videos. It is full of remakes, some that have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. So the 13 million views on the primary video is an understatement as to the popularity of the saga. Grobe and Voltz are now in the entertainment business performing the “experiment”. You can go here to see an interview where they tell their story:

Social Media Will Create Many More Opportunities!

Buick’s “Quest for the Keys”

Buick is using social media in their coming promotion of their new car lineup, called “Quest For The Keys”. They will push Regal, Enclave, LaCrosse and Verano in a scavenger hunt that offers clues on Facebook and Twitter for the first three weeks on the hunt then concludes with a day of offline scavenger hunting.

What makes this promotion unusual is that Buick will incorporate the use of multiple location based services for the campaign. People will be able to use Facebook Places, Forsquare, or Gowalla in their hunt.

The program will begin in the next few months in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, and Austin, Texas.

GM’s Social Media Marketing

General Motors has recently hired “Big Fuel” to do it’s social media marketing. “Big Fuel” is a New York based marketing agency. That means they are about to make a major push in social media promotion. Keep and eye out for it and let us know when you come in contact with it.

Businesses need to develop a plan for their social media.

Plan A Dialogue

You need to create a long term strategy for you social media dialogue. What are you going to say and when are you going to say it? This dialogue can focus on special events or seasons. Different businesses have different seasons. A jewelry store needs to focus most of its effort on seasonal events, like Valentines Day and Christmas, and also focus on special events, like promotional event put on by a diamond vendor. Then something like a monthly newsletter can keep visitors coming back on a regular basis.

Make Regular Responses

Once your social media tools are in place, make sure they are being monitored. This can happen with someone checking for responses to your Web 2.0 resources like Facebook and Twitter. The ideal way to keep these monitored is to do it through a smart phone that will be with someone 24/7. Otherwise, make sure the social media tools are checked on a regular basis.

Encourage Two Way Communications

The key reason for using interactive social media is to get information from your clientele. Encourage them to participate. One neat example is what Clorox did at Christmas time. The offered a $1 donation to the Red Cross for each click through to the Red Cross website.

Here’s their message:

Clorox Last chance to give the gift that saves the day. For every click-thru to the American Red Cross Holiday Gift Catalog, Clorox will donate $1 to the Red Cross, up to $10,000. Find a link to the Red Cross Holiday Gift Catalog on the “Clorox Home” tab of our Facebook page. Then, simply click on the “Start Helping” button.

There are many other ways to get participation on your social media. What methods do you use?

...with this blog and other social media, you can respond immediately. That fact alone makes it more likely that someone will respond. Read the rest of this entry »
Facebook Members Now Exceed US Population Did you know there are more users on Facebook than there are citizens in the United States? Well, you know it now.

The Social Media Revolution shows no sign of stopping. This is the greatest paradigm shift since the industrial revolution. It may be even greater.

Internet Marketing Changes

Internet marketing started off as a one way communication. Marketing has been that way for generations. With the advent of social media and Web 2.0 Internet marketing has become a two way flow of information. Customers now tell businesses what they want. Businesses that know what their customers want have a great advantage over those that don’t.

As with any paradigm shift, major changes are taking place in business and industry due to social media. Businesses that have reacted quickly to the changes are gaining market share. Those that are not participating will probably not be around much longer.

Take A Look at The Socialnomics Video

Ask and Listen

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other Web 2.0 tools enable you to ask your customers what they want. And when you ask, they will tell. What they tell you can be used in the direction you grow your company. Businesses now focus on listening and learning from their target markets.

What have you learned from your customers lately?

Contact us if you need help incorporating social media into your marketing.

Go look at the story at Business And YouTube about a wonderful Christmas video.