The Times, They Are Changing

We in the early stages of a communication revolution like the world has never scene before. It is becoming one of the greatest things to happen for the world as a whole. And it will be an incredible opportunity for businesses interested in providing customers with what they want.

Take a look at the blog you are reading right now. You can agree with what I say or disagree with it. And you can respond immediately. I receive your input in a matter of moments. And I can respond to that input in several different ways.

Web 2.0

In the recent past you would only see this text¬† in a piece of static communication. You could respond to it via an email, a letter, a phone call or other relatively slow communication. But, with this blog and other Web 2.0 tools, you can respond immediately. That fact alone makes it more likely that someone will respond. And that response will carry the “first impression” thoughts with it. And that is just what most businesses need to hear.

A Two Way Street

Another opportunity individuals have today is to initiate the communication themselves. And some individuals are doing just that. Disgruntled customers and employees have set up blog sites to tell the world about their bad experiences. The Social Media Bible (© 2009, Safko and Brake, p5) notes an example where an employee was fired for trying to unionize Starbucks Coffee. But after the company got bad exposure on the employee got his job back.

The Positive Opportunities

While the example above carries negative connotations, there is an opportunity for businesses to use this communication method to their advantage. They can use it to ask customers and potential customers for their wants, needs and opinions. The communication back can provide the business with ideas that will benefit them and their customers. And the simple asking of the opinion creates the image of a company that wants to satisfy it’s customers.