Tools! Tools! Tools!

There are more than 172 tools used by businesses to share, manage and evaluate social media. Don’t panic. You don’t have to learn to use 172 tools. You just need to get a handle on three to five tools to use for your core social media strategy.

The Tribal Drumbeat

It’s been said that social media today functions as the tribal drumbeat of our time. You want the drumbeat of your company information circulating freely across the social web so that it’s easily available to your customers everywhere. You don’t want it locked up in just one site.

It’s Called “Social” for a Reason

Social technologies are called “social” for a reason. They’re about connecting and conversing. The high incidence of referral traffic suggests that you want your customers to know about your goods and services from more than one source. And those sources need to be on the social media services that most people interact with daily. How your customers interact with the information you give them is a good reason for you to develop a strong grasp of social media. Being a better listener and information gatherer will help you be more responsive to your customers’ needs and create a wider customer base.

Help is Available

There are many sites with more information on those 172 tools than you’ll ever need. Check with us. We’ll bring it down to life size and help you and your business breeze through the most useful of these social media opportunities.