Huck HuckabeeSocial News Is Finding Us

We have moved from finding the news on traditional media to having it find us through social media. It is estimated that 75% of the news consumed online is shared through social networking sites or e-mail.

Readers can now actively search for the news sources they want, customize what they want to receive from themĀ  and then have it delivered to them on the Internet through social media sources like Facebook news feeds and Twitter streams.

Facebook As Your News Source

National Public Radio has over 1 million Facebook fans. They asked them: Do people really use their social network to get news? From the over 40,000 responses received 74.6% said that Facebook was a major news source to them.

New Tools For Getting News

There is a new tool for iPad called “Flipboard“. It connects your social media accounts and puts the information coming from them in a digital magazine form. This and other tools like it will be some cool things to keep an eye on in the near future.

Can You Trust These Sources?

Sometimes the information you are receiving from your social media contacts is one sided. And often your are receiving that particular view because a “friend” wants to influence your opinion. It will be interesting to see how we determine the credibility of our sources in the future.

How do you get your news today?