The Mark Zuckerberg Story

I went to see “The Social Network” a couple of days ago and found it to be a very fascinating story. While there has been some debate on what is fact and what is fiction, the basic Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook story is presented in the movie.

Movie’s Impact On Facebook

There is speculation that the movie could have a negative impact on Facebook. But I don’t think that will be the case. I am a believer in the statement that “any publicity can be turned into good publicity”. Discussion surrounding the movie has certainly made Facebook a common subject lately.

In this movie Mark is made out to be a nerdy little squirt. But when you follow the story you see that it goes through the process that a brilliant entrepreneur takes to create a once in a generation venture. He took the ideas of several other people and created what is Facebook today. In the process he passed on around $100 million dollars, via lawsuit settlements, to many who he has been associated with. Everybody wins!

Building The Dream

Our story book mindsets have many believing that revolutionary ideas come from one person dreaming them up and then building the dream. That is hardly the case. The real catalyst is the individual who takes brilliant thoughts, whether their his or not, and makes things happen with them.

I am constantly reading books and articles on Social Media. But today you can’t find an updated book on Facebook. The reason is that by the time one gets printed it is outdated. Facebook is constantly making significant changes to their wares. And it is consistently improving. With it’s launch taking place in February of 2004 and it reaching over half a billion users by 2010, who’s to say where it will be in the next 10 years.

Einstein said: “The only way to escape the personal corruption of praise is to go on working.”  I think this movie is a major praise for Mark. He will escape the personal corruption.