Huck Huckabee

Social Media Keeps Changing

WOW! What a time to be keeping up with social media. You almost need a full time staff. Twitter, Google and Facebook cannot stand still for a minute. So what’s going on?

Google – Facebook – YouTube

Google is doing its best to gain a dominate position in social media. Later this year Google Me is scheduled to be launched. It is an effort to compete with Facebook.

Facebook has been changing so regularly and so quickly that no one can get a book published and to market before it becomes outdated.

YouTube is experimenting with live video streaming. For the last two days they have been testing this format. This is just another step toward bringing live TV to the YouTube platform.


The biggest change today is happening at Twitter. Over the next several weeks you are going to see a new look on Twitter. They are incorporating links, photos, videos and other content opening up in new panes to the right of the current timeline. This is eliminating the need for several of the apps that have been developed by third parties to enhance the Twitter experience. This is not a good thing for them but should make things easier for us.