Who’s talking about you? Everyone!

Your satisfied customers are talking about you. And I willing to bet they are saying good things about you.

Your dissatisfied customers are talking about you. Their communication is probably not of the nature that is beneficial to your business.

People who drive by your store are talking about you. They could be commenting on that pretty new landscaping you did this summer in front of your office. Or they may be talking about the pile of trash on your side of the lot next door that doesn’t belong to you (but they don’t know that part).

People who see your advertisements are talking about you. They may be inspired by the positive campaign you have had going for the last six months. Or, are they talking about that campaign? They may not know that you have invested large sums of money in the local newspaper recently.

Your competitors are talking about you. I wonder what they’re saying?

In the past these discussions went on in small groups of people holding a casual conversation, or between two people talking on the telephone. Today, these conversations are taking place in larger groups and occurring more often thanks to the rise of social media. All anyone has to do now is sit down at their PC and they can tell hundreds of their friends what kind of experience that had with your company.

Social Media reveals what they are saying about you.

Tools exist in social media to filter the mass of data for comments made about you or your business. You can even learn what people are saying about your competitors. For example, the TweetDeck software allows you to plug in words or phrases that you want to monitor. When someone tweets those words, you will get a copy of the tweet.

Learn what you are doing well.

Customers will tell you what they like about your goods and services if you ask them. Through your blog or Facebook you can simply ask: “What do we do right?” And they will tell you.

Learn what you are doing poorly.

Customers will also be quick to tell you what you are doing poorly if you ask them. Some people in business don’t want to hear this. Those are the people who won’t be in business much longer.

Learn what else you can do.

A sincere question like “What else can we do for you?” can open your eyes to possibilities that you may never have thought of.

You’re already involved in social media. Are you actively involved or are you letting others determine your destiny? Become active and take control. When you do, everybody wins.

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