Facebook Members Now Exceed US Population Did you know there are more users on Facebook than there are citizens in the United States? Well, you know it now.

The Social Media Revolution shows no sign of stopping. This is the greatest paradigm shift since the industrial revolution. It may be even greater.

Internet Marketing Changes

Internet marketing started off as a one way communication. Marketing has been that way for generations. With the advent of social media and Web 2.0 Internet marketing has become a two way flow of information. Customers now tell businesses what they want. Businesses that know what their customers want have a great advantage over those that don’t.

As with any paradigm shift, major changes are taking place in business and industry due to social media. Businesses that have reacted quickly to the changes are gaining market share. Those that are not participating will probably not be around much longer.

Take A Look at The Socialnomics Video

Ask and Listen

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other Web 2.0 tools enable you to ask your customers what they want. And when you ask, they will tell. What they tell you can be used in the direction you grow your company. Businesses now focus on listening and learning from their target markets.

What have you learned from your customers lately?

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Go look at the story at Business And YouTube about a wonderful Christmas video.

Twitter Makes Major Improvements

Twitter has updated it’s look and updated it’s functions. Many tasks performed by third party services in the past are now provided by Twitter, or one of their partners, on their site. You can view videos, photos and other media content. You can discover related content. And you can access profiles without going to a separate page. Watch this video for more details:

Click here to learn more details about the new Twitter. Have you used it yet? What do you think?

Tips On Twitter

Here is a great tutorial on using Twitter for your business. Even if you already use the service this is a great video that may show you how do use the service more efficiently.

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Social Media Investment

The key question today is whether the resources dedicated to social media are generating reasonable returns. I have yet to have anyone tell me that they have been able to show what sales came from their social media efforts.

A better question for now is “What risk are we taking?”

A company only needs to invest a little of someones time to get involved in social media marketing. Setting up a Facebook of Twitter account requires a minimal sacrifice. That being the case there is no reason not to do it. Learn how it works, THEN make a decision.

Here’s another good video on Socialnomics:

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