The success of most companies is dependent on their reputation in the market place. So who should control the “company name”?

Company Control

Years ago “the good name of the company” was under the control of the higher up corporate individuals. Radio, television, print and other advertising promoted their products. The marketing information flow was primarily in one direction, from the company to the consumer. Whoever controlled the outflow of information, controlled the image of the company, or the “Company Name.”

Consumer Control

As communication technology has improved, consumers have become better able to communicate with each other about the brands they buy and the companies they buy from. The more they communicate, the more they learn from each other. This has shifted control of the “company name” into the hands of the consumer. This loss of control has presented a problem for the company that does not have happy customers.

Two Way Communication

Today, with social media, consumers are better able then ever before to share experiences, good and bad, about the products and services they buy. But the company can use this two way communication to it’s advantage. Through social media the company is better able to monitor and participate in these communications. The key information a company needs is knowledge of what it’s customer wants. And who better to get that from than the customer.

Learn What The Customer Wants

Blogs, Facebook and other social media allow companies to find out what their customers want. Tools are available that tell you when your company’s name has been mentioned. Programs like TweetDeck allow me to see when and where someone mentions my name or my company name.

As companies respond to customer needs, they make changes to the items they provide. As their goods and services change, so changes their company and their company name, and all for the better.

A. G. Lafley, CEO of Proctor and Gamble in a keynote address at an advertising industry conference stated:

…consumers are beginning in a very real sense to own our brands and participate in their creation. We need to learn to begin to let go.

Consumer control of the company name, if managed properly, is a good thing! The keys to gaining this control is to find out what the customer wants and then to provide the customer more than is expected.

Businesses More Inundated With Email

I build and manage several websites for small businesses. More and more of them are getting inundated with email messages that they don’t want to receive. But, these are not necessarily coming from “spam” sources. They are coming from vendors and other business contacts. At some point businesses are going to give up on their email because the benefits received are not worth the cost of the time required to receive and review all their messages.

Huck Huckabee

by Huck Huckabee

What They Want to Receive

Better filter systems are being developed everyday. But hackers and email “experts” are able to overcome most of these over time. At some point business owners and managers are going to find a way to receive what they want to receive. Facebook, and other “approved contact” services, can do just that.

A New Frame of Mind

Internet contacts are starting to be viewed from a different perspective.

If you are my business associate, I will approve you as a friend on Facebook. If you send me a bunch of stuff that I don’t want, then I will remove you.

This frame of mind will make the message sender think twice about the value he puts in his message and how much “junk” he is sending out. That would save money and time.