Coke saw a marketing opportunity and they seized it. Soon after that You Tube videos involving Diet Coke started to float on the Internet.

Two scientists, Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz, were experimenting with Diet Coke and Mentos chewable candy. They found that when you dropped 5 Mentos into a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke a dramatic chemical reaction occurs. Word got out about the experiment and You Tube videos started to surface with various people performing the “experiment”. The reaction caused spewing that could be interpreted a dangerous by You Tube viewers. And that presented a situation that Coke had to deal with.

Coke Hires Grobe and Voltz

Coke could have taken the legal trail or left the situation to brew on it’s own. But, they saw an opportunity and they seized it. They hired Grobe and Voltz as spokesmen. And they in turn created an elaborate video that has played over 10 million times on You Tube. The exposure has been incredible and the cost has been minimal.

You can view the video at

Grobe and Voltz Go Into Business

Go to You Tube and search “Diet Coke and Mentos” and you will come upon an incredible number of related videos. It is full of remakes, some that have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. So the 13 million views on the primary video is an understatement as to the popularity of the saga. Grobe and Voltz are now in the entertainment business performing the “experiment”. You can go here to see an interview where they tell their story:

Social Media Will Create Many More Opportunities!

Buick’s “Quest for the Keys”

Buick is using social media in their coming promotion of their new car lineup, called “Quest For The Keys”. They will push Regal, Enclave, LaCrosse and Verano in a scavenger hunt that offers clues on Facebook and Twitter for the first three weeks on the hunt then concludes with a day of offline scavenger hunting.

What makes this promotion unusual is that Buick will incorporate the use of multiple location based services for the campaign. People will be able to use Facebook Places, Forsquare, or Gowalla in their hunt.

The program will begin in the next few months in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, and Austin, Texas.

GM’s Social Media Marketing

General Motors has recently hired “Big Fuel” to do it’s social media marketing. “Big Fuel” is a New York based marketing agency. That means they are about to make a major push in social media promotion. Keep and eye out for it and let us know when you come in contact with it.

After the YouTube upload, viewership exploded. Stride Gum approached Matt and offered to sponsor his trips. When they saw the viewership the videos were getting, they saw an opportunity. Read the rest of this entry »
The Mark Zuckerberg Story

I went to see “The Social Network” a couple of days ago and found it to be a very fascinating story. While there has been some debate on what is fact and what is fiction, the basic Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook story is presented in the movie.

Movie’s Impact On Facebook

There is speculation that the movie could have a negative impact on Facebook. But I don’t think that will be the case. I am a believer in the statement that “any publicity can be turned into good publicity”. Discussion surrounding the movie has certainly made Facebook a common subject lately.

In this movie Mark is made out to be a nerdy little squirt. But when you follow the story you see that it goes through the process that a brilliant entrepreneur takes to create a once in a generation venture. He took the ideas of several other people and created what is Facebook today. In the process he passed on around $100 million dollars, via lawsuit settlements, to many who he has been associated with. Everybody wins!

Building The Dream

Our story book mindsets have many believing that revolutionary ideas come from one person dreaming them up and then building the dream. That is hardly the case. The real catalyst is the individual who takes brilliant thoughts, whether their his or not, and makes things happen with them.

I am constantly reading books and articles on Social Media. But today you can’t find an updated book on Facebook. The reason is that by the time one gets printed it is outdated. Facebook is constantly making significant changes to their wares. And it is consistently improving. With it’s launch taking place in February of 2004 and it reaching over half a billion users by 2010, who’s to say where it will be in the next 10 years.

Einstein said: “The only way to escape the personal corruption of praise is to go on working.”  I think this movie is a major praise for Mark. He will escape the personal corruption.

Huck Huckabee

Social Media Keeps Changing

WOW! What a time to be keeping up with social media. You almost need a full time staff. Twitter, Google and Facebook cannot stand still for a minute. So what’s going on?

Google – Facebook – YouTube

Google is doing its best to gain a dominate position in social media. Later this year Google Me is scheduled to be launched. It is an effort to compete with Facebook.

Facebook has been changing so regularly and so quickly that no one can get a book published and to market before it becomes outdated.

YouTube is experimenting with live video streaming. For the last two days they have been testing this format. This is just another step toward bringing live TV to the YouTube platform.


The biggest change today is happening at Twitter. Over the next several weeks you are going to see a new look on Twitter. They are incorporating links, photos, videos and other content opening up in new panes to the right of the current timeline. This is eliminating the need for several of the apps that have been developed by third parties to enhance the Twitter experience. This is not a good thing for them but should make things easier for us.

Huck HuckabeeI have had two customers approach me in the last couple of months and talk about making major changes to their marketing strategies. In both cases these customers have been to trade shows and have attended seminars that are showing them the importance of Internet marketing and Social Media. One of my customers is reducing Yellow Page advertising to a bare minimal and moving those resources to a blog, Facebook and Twitter. The other, Starnes Jewelers, his already seeing the benefits.

Mashable, an online Social Media magazine, posted an article by Erica Swallow that really shows what is happening with small businesses and Social Media. Adoption rates have doubled from 12% to 24% in the last year.

Erica’s article reviews five neat examples of small businesses using Social Media. Click here and take a look.

Foursquare is a social media tool that seems to be gaining popularity. Starbucks Coffee is a company that is embracing social media like no one else. So Starbucks recently used Foursquare in a promotional event.

What’s A Foursquare Mayor?

In case you are not familiar with Foursquare, let me tell you about how a portion of it works. Once you’ve joined Foursquare, and you have it on your smart phone, you are able to tell Foursquare where you are. For instance, if you go to a Starbucks Coffee in Charlotte, NC, you are able to pull out your mobile device and tell Foursquare you are there. If you want to, you “check in” at that location on Foursquare and you can make a comment for your Foursquare friends to see. Every time you go, you check in with Foursquare and Foursquare keeps up with how many times you’ve been there. The person that visits a business or place the most ofter becomes the “Mayor” of that location.

Rewarding The Mayor

In the middle of May, 2010, Starbucks offed a $1 discount on Frappuccino to the Mayors of each store. It sent this message to those Mayors: “As mayor of this store, enjoy $1 off a NEW however-you-want-it Frappuccino blended beverage. Any size, any flavor. Offer valid until 6/28.”

Campaign Glitch

Once they got into the campaign they ran into a little problem. Some of the people who had become Mayor’s of the store locations were store employees. Of course, they were there more often than customers. And if they participated in Foursquare, then they would, naturally, be the store Mayors.

Starbucks had to send this letter to several people who complained:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us.I am truly sorry to hear about your frustration with foursquare Promotions.

I want you to know that we take feedback from our loyal customers seriously. Because you know better than anyone else what you want from Starbucks, I will share this with the ————- store Management.

However Foursquare is open to any one that can access it and it happens that the Mayor of this location is the Barista again I do apologize for any type of inconvenience that this may have caused. ….

Thanks again,

Orlando C. Customer Relations Starbucks Coffee Company

Great Idea, Just Needs Tweeking.

I think this is a great idea on Starbucks part. They have been a leading retailer in the use of social media. I have a lot of admiration for leaders and risk takers. Now Foursquare and Starbucks have both learned something. And, I’m willing to bet they come up with a way to solve this problem so they can do the campaign again.

Keep you eye on Foursquare. And reply to this blog when you find interesting ways businesses are using this tool.

Google kept a secrete.

Visit our page for the story.

For years there has been growing concern that social media is just another way to turn the human race into a mass of hidden hermits. Some think that it is just adding to the Great American Isolation. But, a study done by the Pew Internet and American Life Project states that the reverse is true. Social media makes you more social.

Online connects offline

A comic example of this was displayed in a snowball fight took place in Washington, DC on December 19th, 2009 at 14th and U Street NW. The event was organized on Twitter and over 200 people showed up for the event. This event ended prematurely when a law officer pulled out a gun at the event.

Don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight!

A survey done by Deloitte, LLP in the fall of 2009 found that 56% of the people they surveyed were using a social networking site and 26% were using it daily. And this is only getting started.

Social media is bringing us closer together. It is causing us to come together offline. It is even starting snowball fights.

Clorox is now using Facebook for marketing!

Last night, on December 11th, I saw Clorox post their Facebook page on their advertisement at around 10:45 pm on the TNT presentation of ConAir.

At that time they had 17,733 followers.

For more information on businesses using Facebook, visit our Facebook site: