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Huck Huckabee Social Media ConsultantI’m Huck Huckabee And I Can Help You

If you want professional help using Social Media, then please contact me. I will help you create and incorporate blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools into your business. And I will make them all work together.

I’ve been building websites and involved with search engine optimization since I created my first search engine website site in 1998. And I have learned an incredible amount about Internet marketing since then.

This Website Has Three Purposes

First, this website exists to display and share my expertise in Internet marketing. Second, it is here to serve as a medium for others to provide additional expertise by participating in the blog. And third, it is here to serve as a marketing tool for my Internet marketing services.

This is my opportunity to meet you online. And as prescribed by Mitch Meyerson, in his book The Success Secrets Of  Social Media Marketing Superstars, I am making the first move by providing something you can use via this website. The next move is yours. Contact me when you need help with your Internet projects.

Let Me Help You With Your Internet Projects

I am available for hire. I am looking to build long term relationships with businesses who need help with their Internet marketing. I design websites for small businesses and incorporate social media and other tools to promote their exposure on the web. For fair compensation and paid expenses I will travel to nearly any location. Just give me a call at 704-438-2910. I am located in Badin, North Carolina.

Using The Social Media 70-20-10 Rule

I will try to abide by the 70-20-10 social media rule on this blog site. The idea behind that rule is that 70% of what I provide on this site will be information I have found elsewhere. This will come in the form of good ideas, good products or referrals to other sources of information that I have found in my research. Next, 20% of what I provide here will be from my personal experience. And 10% will be letting you know who I am.

Bob Dylan’s words ring truer today than they did in January of 1964 when he released his third studio album “The Times They Are a-Changing”. Let’s help each other learn about these changing times.

Give us a call if you have any questions or visit our services page for more details.

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