As businesses use more of the social media resources, website designers are incorporating more skills. They are turning into website developers.

Website Design

Getting your business website designed and posted today is not enough to make it effective. It needs to be managed to keep content up-to-date and to connect with social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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Social Media Connections

Many businesses are using social media as a two way information source for their customers. When a user finds their website in the search engines, they can click on their Facebook link and send a message to the business through the social media connection.

Website Developers

The incorporation of SEO, social media and other Internet assets into websites is turning your website designer into a website developer. An example of this is the Charlotte Website Developer who serves businesses across the country. They began as a website designer and have grown into the Internet marketing partner of several businesses.

Keep Your Resources Up-To-Date

Whether you use a third party or not, it is critical that you keep your Internet resources up-to-date. Falling behind your competitors can prove costly if you loose potential customers.