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Small business owners have to wear many hats. Most know what a good social media plan can do for their business, but they don’t have anyone who can do the work. So they decide to do the work themselves. As time passes they find that they are not dedicating the time needed to create and implement a plan. That’s where we come in. We provide social media management services for a range of small businesses.

“Who Can Do Social Media For My Business?”

This is the question we find many small business owners asking themselves. Too many of them end up hiring an individual part-time that is not serious about the work. That’s where we come in. We do social media for professionally and on a timely basis.

Social Media Management Services for Small Business

We help small businesses manage their presence on social media. From simple postings to custom artwork, our social media management services are ideal for small businesses that need to keep a presence on the web but lack ability to do the work in-house. We can develop a program for your social media from scratch, or, we can manage a program that is already set up and operating.

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We Develop A Plan

We create an individual social media plan customized for each of our clients.

Review Your Market

Social media can be used in a range of ways. We work with your business to review your market and your goals. Then we impliment methods and elements that will reach those goals.

Plan Proposal

Our social media plan will determine what social media mediums would work best for your business. Then we will create a schedule for posting content in a strategic pattern designed to meet the goals of your program.

Social Media Setup

We can help your business get set up to employ social media.

Create From Scratch

If you have no social media resources set up, then we can set them up for you.

Connect to Existing Setups

If your business already has social media setup, then you can turn it over to us. We will use those resources and employ any others needed to impliment your plan.

Social Media Posting

Content posting is the primary chore of our social media management services.

Custom Post Creations

Our team will begin creating posts customized for your business. We will work to follow the schedule on your social media plan. We will get information from resources that you approve of.

Work A Schedule

Our social media plan will include a schedule for releasing posts. Regular posts attract regular visitors. Special posts keep visitors checking your social media more often. We work a schedule designed to meet your social media goals.

Social Media Management

Our management services include monitoring replies and reacting to select messages.


We offer monitoring services to our customers. Some small businesses want too monitor content from their followers and respond to it. We help our clients find replies that need responses.


We can create a format for responses. To do this we create standards for choosing messages to reply to. Then, we customize a method for each customer to determine how replies will be handled.

Plans Are Customized For Each Client

Once we discuss your business and its social media goals we can create a plan customized for your business. The plan will work with your market’s seasons, special events and other elements unique to your business.

We Create A Presence On The Web Through Social Media

A massive block of consumers today find what they are looking for on the web. And a large portion of those are finding it through social media. Are you reaching this market? If not, we can help.


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What People Are Saying About Social Media

You cannot replace face to face. These tools are there in design to augment face to face when time and distance are an issue.

Erik Qualman


Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.

Lori Ruff

Brand, Social & Communications Strategist

Content is king, but engagement is queen, and the lady rules the house!

Mari Smith

Social Media Master

Without a clear strategy in place, tools won’t make any difference to you.

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