What Does Social Media Management Cost?

Every client has a unique need and will be quoted accordingly. But we have created some scenarios to give you an idea of the prices of our social media management services.

Cost Of Social Media Plans

Mid-level Social Media Posting Plan

A mid-level posting plan will create three posts per week on three social media platforms. The posts will be customized for the media used.

Cost: $600.00 per month

Three Social Media Sources

This plan uses three social media mediums. We will help you decide which three will do the best to reach your goals.

Simple Comment Monitoring

Our social media staff will review up to 30 comments and send acknowledgement replies to the simple messages.

Significant Comment Handling

Comments that need more than a simple reply will be forwarded to our client for review and instructions for replies.

Eco-level Social Media Posting Plan

An eco-level posting plan will create one post per week on two social media platforms.

Cost: $300.00 per month

Two Social Media Sources

We will help you determine what social media sources will be best for your business.

Simple Comment Monitoring

Our social media staff will review up to 20 comments and send acknowledgement replies.

Significant Comment Handling

We will notify our clients when significant comments are posted and get instructions on how to handle them.

Power-level Social Media Posting Plan

A power-level posting plan will create up to 20 total posts per month to be split between the social media elements agreed to with the client.

Cost: $1,200.00 per month

Posts On Many Social Media Elements

The total of 60 posts can be split between mediums agreed upon with the client. Posts will be concentrated where we and the client agree will be the most effective.

Simple Comment Monitoring

Our staff will review up to 120 comments per month and will send generic replies to simple comments.

Significant Comment Handling

Significant comments will be turned over to our client for review. Our staff will reply per instruction from our client.

Customized Plan

We can customize a plan for a client’s business. Plans can be customized for the number of posts, the mediums to post to and the times to post.

Cost: Range from $400 up

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