Social Media Plan

For social media to be effective it must be properly managed. Our social media gurus can create a social media plan and manage it for you.

Create A Social Media Plan

Setting Goals

First we determine what the primary purposed are for our social media program.

Choosing Mediums

Based on our goals we will determine what social media resources are best for reaching our goals.

Set A Schedule

Our social media management services begin with plan for the long term. A schedule is custom created for each client.

Gathering Content

Once we have determined the mission of our social medial program we can research the best places to find content that will compliment the mission.

Created Posts

Posts need to send out a desired message. With content that has been gathered previously posts can be created with text, images, videos, artwork and other resources.

Set Goals

Choose Social Media Mediums

Create a Schedule

Find Content Resources

Created Messages


Word-of-Mouth Has Multiplied Via Social Media

When we pay more attention to the customer than to the industry, the customer pays more attention to us.
Jay Acunzo

Unthinkable Media

Historically, our number-one growth driver has been repeat customers and word-of-mouth.
Tony Hsieh

Zappos CEO

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